About Us

At Universiti Kuala Lumpur, the Academic Management Division (AcMD) which is at the Chancellery, manages the governance of the academic operation of the university through development of policy and standard operation procedure (SOPs). We oversee the execution of those policies and SOPs by our colleagues in the Academic Services Section (AcSS) at the respective UniKL Institutes

The AcMD also manages the data management system, including the movement of student data to stake holders and also matters relating to credit transfers, convocations, academic calendars, verification of qualifications as well as the UniKL Senate. The AcSS at UniKL institutes, manages the operational academic matters like semester and course registrations, student timetable, examinations and results, completion of studies of our amazing students.

Our Main Functions

1) Governance and Policy in Student Academic Regulation
2) Students Academic Records
3) Examination Management
4) Senate Secretariat
Student can communicate with the staff through the ServiceDesk, which is available in the UniKL Link or Student Portal.

Meet Our Team

Our team members are our greatest assets. Each and every one of our team represent the best service within our expertise. UniKL is established with 12 institutes having their own sub administration of the Academic Management where the section is handled by Academic Services Section.