Meet Our Team

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are committed in providing our best services to our biggest client, the student body of Universiti Kuala Lumpur. We are your assistants in your fantastic journey as students of UniKL, wherever you are. Let us serve you better. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any of your query and concern regarding administrative academic matters. May be on any of your concern regarding your studiesJ, we may not be able to answer you but will try to get your concern to the right person(s) Student can communicate with the staff through the ServiceDesk, which is available in the UniKL Link or Student Portal. You can also communicate to us via our email

AcMD Designation Contact Details
Ash’ariah Badarudin General Manager
Azinah Mohd Zain Senior Manager
Malita Abdul Mutalib Assistant Manager
Zaibunissa Ahmad Ibrahim Executive

We welcome any enquiry to AcSS Institute through ServiceDesk (available in the student portal) or via email below.

Institute Head OF ACSS Enquiry/ Request
UniKL BIS Pn Nor Hamidah binti Ali Email:                Request form:
UniKL MFI Pn Farakh Diba Mohammed Email :
UniKL MIIT Pn Norzaini Zakaria Email :
UniKL MITEC Pn Hawa Tamat Email :
UniKL MIMET Pn Noor Arenawati Abdul Majid Email :
UniKL MIDI Encik Azidi Juniat Email :
UniKL MICET Pn Siti Hasliza Yahaya Email :
UniKL MSI Pn Norliza Amran Email :
UniKL MESTECH Pn Siti Saudah Awang Email:
UniKL MIAT Pn Syakirah Bazlin Ibrahim Email:
UniKL BMI Encik Mohd Zairi Asri Email:
UniKL RCMP (FPHS) Pn Siti Sarah Nijar Email:
UniKL RCMP (FOM) Encik Muhamad Nordian Kordi Email: